To our PreciseParts overseas customers,

Due to the current COVID-19 situation the United States Postal Service is experiencing
delays dispatching packages internationally. The delays are generally caused by the scarcity
of available transportation to many overseas destinations.
As a result your order may be delayed at the US exit port until a suitable flight is located.
Please check this USPS site for more information about possible delays for each destination.
We do provide an online tracking link as soon as your order ships and we recommend closely
following your package progress.
CAUTION: some countries have completely suspended postal service for the time being
and regrettably we are currently not able to accept orders to these destinations (please
consult this USPS site for a list of these destinations).
Special note for Australia and New Zealand destinations: currently, and until further notice, the USPS only accepts Express Mail packages.

We are sorry for any temporary inconvenience.